Neuromuscular Disease Care

Florida Caring Nurses Registry is a value-driven and client-centered Licensed Nurse Registry in the State of Florida. 

Neuromuscular diseases such as ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and Parkinson’s disease make it very difficult for patients to move around their homes and engage in daily tasks. While these diseases may be debilitating and cause a loss of independence, it does not mean patients cannot have a positive quality of life. Caregivers assist people with neuromuscular diseases inside and outside their homes in a number of ways so they can still lead meaningful and productive lives.

Consider Us for your Neuromuscular Disease care needs. Florida Caring Nurses Registry is built on matching qualified caregivers with people in need of in-home health care regardless of their particular needs or schedule.

Because of our size and experience, we are better able to refer experienced caregivers to clients who are faced with progressive diseases and conditions.

We thoroughly screen all caregivers who register with us to ensure they are legally competent and certified and that they have ample experience and a mastery of the skills required for home care.

The caregivers we refer through our Care Match Program provide help around the home or wherever it is needed.

The range of services the caregivers we refer deliver include:

  • Personal support; bathing, dressing, feeding, help with walking, transfers from beds or chairs, and more.
  • Homemaking help; organizing, cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, and pet care.
  • Errands; help with shopping or running other errands, accompaniment to doctor’s visits or going to visit friends, and anything else our clients may need.
  • Companionship; someone to talk to, someone to listen, and someone who cares.

The information shown on this page is just a summary of some of the reasons families ask Florida Caring Nurses Registry to refer caregivers who provide these and many more care services.

For More Detailed Information please Call us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can!