Nannies for Seniors

Florida Caring Nurses Registry is a value-driven and client-centered Licensed Nurse Registry in the State of Florida. 

For those looking for affordable nanny services for the elderly, Florida Caring Nurses Registry goes above and beyond by matching our clients with fully qualified professional caregivers.

If you are looking for someone to care for your loved one, we encourage you to speak with us to see how we can help. The caregivers we refer offer flexible schedules to suit the needs of our clients. Whether a client needs care around the clock or someone to help around the home a few times a week, we will match them with the caregiver who will best fit his or her schedule. Professional caregivers that Florida Caring Nurses Registry refers provide a variety of much needed services that are similar to senior nannies, homemaker assistants, companions, and more. 

With Florida Caring Nurses Registry, every caregiver is extensively screened through a legally required state process, in addition to our own more extensive testing method, which tests experience, references, written and verbal communication abilities and transfer techniques. We go beyond basic legal requirements to make sure caregivers are qualified to our higher standards in credentials, technical skills, and personality.

Florida Caring Nurses Registry is built on matching qualified caregivers with people in need of in home health care regardless of their particular needs or schedule. Because of our size and experience, we are better able to refer experienced caregivers to clients who are faced with progressive diseases and conditions. We thoroughly screen all caregivers who register with us to ensure they are legally competent and certified and that they have ample experience and a mastery of the skills required for home care.

Consider us When your loved one or someone under your care:

  •     Loses their spouse of many years.
  •     Stops driving, or loses a person who used to drive them places.
  •     Was a healthy person but has recently suffered a set-back.
  •     Cares for their spouse, and may just need a break.
  •     Has dizziness or falls.
  •     Has weight loss, or diminished appetite.
  •     Encounters diminished eyesight.
  •     Exhibits a decline in hygiene.
  •     Has confusion or dementia.
  •     Has difficulty walking.
  •     Is incontinent.
  •     Is depressed, or fears being alone.
  •     Expresses dissatisfaction with existing caregivers.