Companion Care

Florida Caring Nurses Registry is a value-driven and client-centered Licensed Nurse Registry in the State of Florida. 

Pay Less, Get More Care! At Florida Caring Nurses Registry, we understand the difficulty of caring for a loved one alone. Our mission is to find quality and compassionate companion caregivers for those in need – at the most reasonable costs. We believe our clients should be able to afford the care they need. Whether you or someone you love needs full-time companionship, someone to help around the house a few times a week or around the clock, our Caring Nurse Match Program ensures we can match the most qualified and competent companion care for your needs.

We thoroughly screen each caregiver who applies to register with us through legally required screening processes. This series of screenings and tests ensure each companion has ample experience, references, verbal and written communication skills, and transfer technique proficiency. We want our clients to be confident that they are in good hands with the companions we refer to.

The companions we refer are exceptionally skilled in companion care. They are able to provide:

  • Personal support; bathing, dressing, feeding, help with walking, transfers from beds or chairs, and more.
  • Homemaking help; organizing, cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, and pet care.
  • Errands; help with shopping or running other errands, accompaniment to doctor’s appointments or going to visit friends and anything else our clients may need.
  • Companionship; someone to talk to, someone to listen, and someone who cares.
    • Companions provide help when and where our clients need it. Whether our clients are at home, in an independent living facility, hospital, or elsewhere, the companions we refer will come to them. 

    At Florida Caring Nurses Registry, we genuinely care about our clients and want to match them with the best possible companions in Florida. Contact Us and find out how we can help you and why we guarantee our ability to match companions and clients. 

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